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Wollongong | Japanese quails for sale

Posted By: Kippyroy | 8/18/2014 8:29:27 PM | send message

Japanese quails for sale, $7.50 hens, $5 cocks. Buy 4 hens get cock free. Located unanderra near Wollongong, please ph or msg 0402082242

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Re.Post:Coturnix Quail For Sale (The Big Quail)

Posted By: Helen | 7/21/2014 10:13:18 AM | send message

I am sorry to say, there are no more Coturnix Quails available now 21/7/14.

I shall place another post up when there are more available. I am still willing to take orders for Coturnix Quail but please understand, that I will be unable to tell you an availability time.

To all the lovely people who have bought quail from me, may you enjoy your quail and get plenty of delicious eggs. If there are any problems please don't hesitate to contact me.

To people on my waiting list already, thank you for your orders and I will contact you asap when I have some Coturnix quail ready for you.

Thank you all for your interest.
Kind Regards,

Isn't She Beautiful!

Everton Park | Live Larvae Quail Food

Posted By: QuailFoodBris | 7/17/2014 12:55:24 PM | send message

Feed your birds this calcium rich, protein packed soldier fly larvae, each container includes small juveniles through to the large adult larvae. 

Nutrition: 40-44% Protein, 15-25% Fat, 5-8% Calcium 

The amino acid profile is particularly rich in lysine (6-8% of the protein) 

You can grow the adult larvae through to the fly stage in which you can feed the fly to your pet and grind up the empty shell for the calcium. Simply leave the larvae in a dark area and over a variable amount of time the flies will emerge. They are completely harmless and carry no diseases. 

As a component of a complete diet, black soldier fly larvae meal has been found to support good growth in chicks. Chicks fed a diet containing dried black soldier fly larvae as the protein supplement gained weight at a rate 96% (non-significant) of that of chicks fed soybean meal plus fat, but they only consumed 93% (significant) as much feed.
Source: http://www.feedipedia.org/node/16388

Live Larvae Pick Up : 
  • 100g $5
  • 250g $12.50
  • 500g  $22
Delivery - 250g $20

Live Quail Food Larvae

Jap / European / King _Quail

Posted By: skullsjeff12 | 7/11/2014 10:10:35 AM | send message

l have for sale Quail Female / Male Jeff 0424887171 from $10 up pick up from Yallambie


Posted By: matilda | 7/10/2014 8:06:12 PM | send message


We are presently breeders of the largest jumbo quail in Australia,

we now have limited stock available to the public.   They have the best quail meat genetics available in Australia.   They are extremely quiet & are suitable for meat, eggs & pets.

 Normal Size Jumbos    300-350 grams   Girls $15     Boys   $10

 Giant Size Jumbos       350-400 grams   Girls $20     Boys   $15

 Colossal Size Jumbos  400-500 grams   Girls $25     Boys   $20 {limited stock}

 The above are all weighed at 6 weeks & should grow larger.

 We also have high protein feed available at $3.50 per kilo & feeders at $8 each.

 Sorry, no fertile eggs available at present, too many orders.

 Please check out our website.


 Please phone 54974211 or 0411053074 both between 10 am – 8 pm  Email mifawny@netspace.net.au for photos. Thank you.



Jap / European Quail

Posted By: skullsjeff12 | 7/10/2014 9:15:06 AM | send message

hi l have 10 female 4 males Quail for sale pick up in Yallambie 3085 near Heidelberg Jeff ******7171 + click to reveal for more info. Swap or Trade Or buy from $10

Goulburn | Coturnix Quail For Sale (The Big Quail)

Posted By: Helen | 7/4/2014 12:03:30 AM | send message

Goulburn NSW is situated between Sydney and Canberra. It is closer to Canberra.

For those people who are looking into buying quails for the first time, these birds grow around 20cm in length – much bigger than the King/Button Quail. The Coturnix Quail eggs are larger also. They are about 1/3 size of a large chicken egg.

For sale are male and female quails ( 6 wks old 6/07/14) of many colours (some unusual) and as you can see by the attached photo they are beautiful birds.

After a break for a few weeks their parents are laying again and it is winter! Actually, that is not unusual with Coturnix quail. If these go as fast as my last lot, they won't be around for long. I had 31 chicks then. I have a few more this time though, to keep up with demand. I have Tuxedo, Japanese, White, Golden, and a type I call Brown Golden where the males have a beautiful coloured speckled front and the females have black dots right down the front with speckles.

These quail are wonderful for those people who want chickens, but have too small a yard or just have a balcony. Up to 3 Coturnix quail can be happily kept in a decent sized guinea pig or rabbit hutch and will supply plenty of yummy eggs. Also great to keep with penned chickens! Got a broody chicken - place some quail eggs under her!


#Quail eggs have a higher portion of yolk than a chicken egg, thus a higher amount of protein.

#Fat is very low in their meat.

#Male quails do a quick crow at times but are not as nearly as noisy or as loud as roosters.
#More disease resistant than chickens and are very hardy birds.
#Make a great first pet. They can get very friendly especially when fed by hand.

Females are $15 and Males $10.

IMPORTANT :::: Please be kind and always introduce new quail to old by making sure they are in very close proximity where they can see each other for two weeks at least, in separate cages. This is so they can get close to check each other out and know who they are going to share their home with. In the case of an aviary I would place the cage with the new quail/s in a corner of the aviary but make sure the quail/s has/have room to move please - no small cages! :::::

Thanks for reading my ad.

Kind Regards,


Please note about my post below: "Golden Italian and Japanese Quail Pair For Sale (The Big Quail)". I have requested it to be removed many times since I have sold the pair. I see it still has not been removed yet (3/7/14). I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. It has not been a lot of trouble to remove posts in the past. I just hope the owner of this site sees this and removes my ad because there is nothing else I can do.

Helen's Quail Assortment


Posted By: matilda | 7/3/2014 12:57:04 AM | send message



 Homestead Quail are now selling fertile COLOSSAL size quail eggs.   We  have had numerous enquiries for them, and have now decided to sell them to the public.    


All our Colossal size breeders weigh 400 - 500+ grams, just because you have all heavy quail, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get all Colossal size offspring, they will range from 350-450 grams at the age of 6 weeks, not adult weights.    As the weeks go by, they will gain more weight, some reaching well over 500 grams by 10 weeks.  To be called a Colossal quail they must be 400 grams + at 6 weeks of age – they will all carry the Colossal size gene, and can throw larger and smaller offspring than themselves.


These Colossal size quail are a little bit more difficult to breed than smaller Jap quail, and their fertility we’ve found to be around 55-60%, this also depends on how you choose to have your settings on your incubator.   Incubating instructions will be included with the eggs.


We will be posting to every state bar South Australia each Monday, so eggs wont be sitting in a Post Office over the weekend. They are $20 per dozen, plus $20 for Express Postage, and handling of our fertile COLOSSAL quail eggs, maximum of 2 dozen eggs per customer – with each dozen eggs ordered, we will include another 6 eggs to make up for the lower fertility.


We are not responsible for damages caused by Australia Post.  


Photos & more details on our website:-




Please phone Hometead Quail on 54974211 or 0411053074 both between 10am – 8 pm or Email  mifawny@netspace.net.au Thank-you.

Mount Crosby | FOR SALE: Bob White Quails

Posted By: Ron | 6/28/2014 10:30:01 AM | send message

Prime Bob Whit Quails - $35 a pair. Brisbane and Ipswich area.

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For sale Japanese quails

Posted By: Kippyroy | 6/3/2014 8:49:30 PM | send message

For sale Japanese quails, $7.50 a bird, just starting to lay. $5 for birds under 5 weeks. Buy 4 hens get 1 cock free, available most week day afternoons,healthy stock. Ph 0402082242

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