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Geloong | Quail eggs and chicks for sale

Posted By: naneshan | 25 May, 2016 | send message

Hello to every one we have the below quail eggs and birds species for sale in bulk and small quantity

Japanese Quail
Bobwhite Quail
King/button Quail
California Quail
Jumbo and Colossal Quails

Delivery to any location whiten Australia can be arrange . For more information price and supply procedure contact me directly only with this email address for intimidate reply
 ( naneshacage@gmail.com )

Thanks and place your orders now .

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Findon SA | Japanese Quail egg for sale

Posted By: susanne | 24 May, 2016 | send message

Hi there,

There are some fresh free range Japanese quail egg for sale. They are fertile, so you can hatch or have them. $3 for Dozen. Local pick up.My email: susanneliang@hotmail.com

Thank you. 

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Posted By: kent1977 | 24 April, 2016 | send message

Hello everyone i have Fertile Jumbo Jap Quail Eggs For Sale

My Jumbo jap quails weigh at 450grm to 500grm or more





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Goulburn | Regarding The Ad Below "Japanese Coturnix Quail (The Big Quail) of Many Colours"

Posted By: Helen2 | 28 February, 2016 | send message

"Japanese Coturnix Quail (The Big Quail) of Many Colours"

I have tested sending email through my advertisement below. They never went through. My apologies if you have been trying to contact me. You can contact me direct now. My email is RaisingQuails@gmail.com

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,

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Posted By: kent1977 | 1 February, 2016 | send message

Hello everyone i have Fertile Jumbo Jap Quail Eggs For Sale

My Jumbo jap quails weigh at 450grm to 500grm or more


Plus postage and handling all the eggs will be sent by express postage and handling then the eggs will get to you in few days. I will send fertile quail eggs anywhere in Australia I only send on Mondays then the eggs wont sit in the post office on the weekends. Keep in mind i have no control or guarantee the fertility over the way the package after its dropped off at the post office. I can not guarantee your hatch rate im getting 85% to 90% hatch rate. If you need to order fertile eggs my email address kent.eric@hotmail.com

Thanks Kent

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Goulburn | Japanese Coturnix Quail (The Big Quail) of Many Colours

Posted By: Helen2 | 30 January, 2016 | send message

All my January Quail are now sold. My oldest chicks are 1 week old now (30/1/16) so I am ready to take orders for end of February pick up or delivery.

Large orders of quail are welcome. Orders of 30 quail or more receive 10% off the total price.

I am situated in Goulburn, NSW. Goulburn is situated between Sydney and Canberra. If you would like me to deliver your order within 2 hrs drive from Goulburn, please email me for a quote.

As you will see in the photo below I have a variety of colours to choose from. The photo shows chicks aged from 3 wks to 7 wks old.  I had a bit of fun with cropping a Golden Coloured quail in the last photo in the group :-)

I raise my quail as healthy as possible, caring for their emotional well being as the saying goes, "Healthy mind healthy body." The quail receive live insects almost daily and get greens every day on top of a well balanced diet. With this care, one of my Coturnix Japonica hens has been able to hatch and raise her own chick.
It is on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzn74gZ4drY
Warning though, I was so excited! :-)

I believe I am able to now breed every colour I have heard of possible in the Coturnix Japonica Quail species. If you are after a rare coloured C. J. Quail such as auburn or grey please contact me. Prices are below and I don't charge any extra for the rare colours. I also keep a waiting list so if you would like to make an order for a future time you are welcome to do so. The rare colours are going fast!

For those people who are looking to buy Coturnix Japonica Quails (Also commonly known as Japanese Quails) for the first time, they are much much bigger than the King/Button Quail.

The Coturnix J. Quail are great pets for the small garden as they can be kept in a rabbit hutch happily. If the fence is high, why not let them wander around freely in the courtyard. I just open their cage and they come out; they have a wander around then I simply pick them up before I go inside and place them back in their cage. Admittedly, I only let one covey (up to 4 quails) out at a time.

The Coturnix J. Quail are known for laying all year. I am glad when mine have a small break to recuperate though.
C. J. Quail would make a lovely gift for someone; adult or child, due to:
1. The ease of care they require and as some people have commented, such lovely soft birds. Also,
2. Quail eggs have a higher portion of yolk than a chicken egg, thus a higher amount of protein and quails lay young.
3. Fat is low in their meat and quail grow fast.
4. Male quails do a quick crow at times but are not as nearly as noisy or as loud as roosters.
5. More disease resistant than chickens and are very hardy birds.
6. Make a great first pet because they get very tame especially when feeding them leafy greens by hand.
7. They are great for small yards, aviary, chicken coop ( depends on the chickens though!)  and are rabbit hutch happy.

Females are $15 and
Unrelated Males paired with females are $10
I never sell related males unless otherwise advised.
Males on their own are $6 each.

IMPORTANT :::: Please be kind and always introduce new quail to old by making sure they are in very close proximity where they can see each other for two weeks at least, in separate cages. This is so they can get close to check each other out and know who they are going to share their home with. In the case of an aviary I would place the cage with the new quail/s in a corner of the aviary but make sure the quail/s has/have room to move please - no small cages! :::::
Thank you all for your interest.
Kind Regards,

Japanese Quail Of Many Colours

Jimbuumba | Professional Quality Japanese Quails and Quail Eggs

Posted By: Quail Kingdom | 19 January, 2016 | send message


1. Quail eggs for cooking (non-fertile) - $2.50 a dozen. Minimal order  $40 plus postage to any state of Australia.

2. Quail eggs for incubating (fertile)  $4.00 a dozen. Minimal order should be 10 dozen. Plus postage to any state. Hatch rate is  perfect (now around 90%).

3. Also we sell LIVE QUAILS. Young LAYING quails (just started laying)  for $8. Babies are cheaper of course. Ask a  price list...  All ages. Huge selection of colors.

All our quails are healthy and our farm is registered.

We can post quail eggs to any point of Australia and deliver live quails if a distance is reasonable. Also our farm is open for visitors 7 days from 7 to 7. We are in Jimboomba, Qld.

For price list or any more information please email eggs@quailkingdom.com.au or call 04 0219 5570, but better please email.

Also you will find some information on our website www.quailkingdom.com.au

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Ferny Grove | Quail eggs Fertile

Posted By: Brisbane Quail | 16 January, 2016 | send message

Quail eggs Fertile 

AAE air freighting 
Quail eggs @ Brisbane Quail


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Ferny Grove | Quail cages in tiered units

Posted By: Brisbane Quail | 16 January, 2016 | send message

Quail cages in tiered units 

different tiered units with water & manure trays & feed trays 
  • flatpacked cages 
  • easy freight
other types of cages are available email me for prices and pictures of  cages 
Brisbane Quail 

2x3=6 unit cage

Sth Aust | Californian Quail for sale

Posted By: Lynn | 16 December, 2015 | send message

Young Californian quail chicks $15 each. 0400 223 296. Phone or text please

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