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Terrey Hills | BOB WHITE EGGS

Posted By: deebee | 12 February, 2017 | send message

I have some Bob White eggs for sale reasonably priced at $25 per dozen. Ph 0410983337

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Posted By: kent1977 | 8 January, 2017 | send message


Hello everyone i have Fertile Jumbo Jap Quail Eggs For Sale

My Jumbo jap quails weigh at 450 grm to 500 grm or more


Plus postage and handling all the eggs will be sent by express postage and handling then the eggs will get to you in few days. I will send fertile quail eggs anywhere in Australia I only send on Mondays then the eggs wont sit in the post office on the weekends. Keep in mind i have no control or guarantee the fertility over the way the package after its dropped off at the post office. I can not guarantee your hatch rate i'm getting 85% to 90% hatch rate. If you need to order fertile eggs my email address kent.eric@hotmail.com

Thanks Kent

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Geelong | Fertile Quail Eggs and Chicks For sale

Posted By: chederick62 | 8 January, 2017 | send message

Fertile Quail Eggs and Chicks For sale we have different varieties now available and can post to any location within AU and out you can now order  bulk and small supplies for more information and price kindly contact me directly on the below email address .


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Gracemere | SALE: King Quail

Posted By: Hafwen | 28 December, 2016 | send message

Available now

  • 6x pairs standard male, silver hen $20 pair
  • 7x silver males $10 each
  • 1x standard male $10

Silver Standard King Quails


Posted By: ourbbirds | 28 December, 2016 | send message

We have Little Button Quail 2016 breed $60 Ea.

For more information Please Ph. Fred 0428557270  
Freight is available

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Bathurst | For sale:young male Japanese quail

Posted By: kaiteM | 14 December, 2016 | send message

4 or 5 young male, 4 weeks old today, brown Coturnix quail, hatched and raised by their mum, used to being handled by me, cheeky, curious and spoilt. Would swap one for another male not related. Prefer they not be used as meat.

young males with their mum

Ferny Grove | Japanese Quail

Posted By: Brisbane Quail | 5 November, 2016 | send message

Brisbane Quail

Eggs for sale 
Shipping Quail eggs all over Australia with great results
Email me for details on eggs available and Quail sizes available.
AAE air faster freight  is the only business  that I will use to freight eggs .

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Toowoomba | Silver King Quails

Posted By: NyanyaTanya | 17 October, 2016 | send message

Silver King Quails For Sale $10ea

Girrawheen | silver button quails

Posted By: cass6064 | 3 October, 2016 | send message

silver button quails for sale 6-8 weeks old ready to go not pecked great natures $15 females $10 males

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NSW | Japanese quail, Fertile eggs Fresh eggs _Sydney Quail

Posted By: bourne126 | 28 September, 2016 | send message

We have Jumbo Brown, Golden, English White and Texas A&M quails. Our Jumbo Brown and Golden weigh more than 400 gram when fully mature at 12 weeks old. Our Texas A&M breeding are on progress currently with 5 generation much biger than English White.

At Sydney Quail, our goal is pursuing bigger, heathier Japanese Quail with bigger and stable eggs production. Our quails are carefully breed at 1: 4 male to female ratio in 12 seperate cages with new bloodline introduce every year. They are fed with high protein game bird feed mix with fine shell grit.

Live Quail 5 weeks old:
Pair of quail: $15.0/pair
Female only: $10.0/ea
Male only: $5.0/ea
10 males for $40, 20 males for $70

Whole flock 20 quails unsexed but guarantee original whole flock $120.0
(pick up on 4 weeks old)
Whole flock 40 quails unsexed but guarantee original whole flock : $210.0
(pick up on 4 weeks old)

Fertiled Quail Eggs: (supply all year round)
$8.0⁄dozen(mix color), Minimum order is 4 dozen, please order even number as my cartons hold 2 dozen eggs. Postage: $20.00 for up to 8 dozens Australian Wide.

Payment details:
Pick up: cash only;
Posting: Use Paypal pay to bou******@******com + click to reveal $20.00 plus eggs cost. Please contact me to see availability before make payment.

Fresh Eggs for table: (stock not longer than 14 days)

How to make your own eggs roll out cage: Please open our webside to see how to make a durable and easy to manage cage in a very limited spacing. Only take 30 minutes to clean/week or 5 minutes to clean every day to make odour free at summer.

Our website:

Sydney Quail