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Western aust | Sportsman incubator for sale

Posted By: Damon | 3/3/2015 4:24:59 AM | send message

 For sale incubator as new quail egg trays included 8. Paid over 1500 new  will sell for a reduced price of $600 plus postage approximately $100. Please email me with any queries. Payment details can be sent on confirmed purchase. Incubator holds around 600 + eggs many more if stacked with auto turn trays also firtile quail eggs for sale good prices for large quantities P.O.A

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Quail Kingdom | Professional quality quail eggs and live quails

Posted By: quailkingdom | 3/2/2015 8:36:48 AM | send message

Quail Kingdom | Professional quality quail eggs and live quails


1. Quail eggs for cooking (non-fertile) - $2.50 a dozen. Minimal order  $40 plus postage to any state of Australia (Safe Food accredited).

2. Quail eggs for incubating (fertile)  $5.00 a dozen. Minimal order should be 8 dozen. Plus postage to any state. Hatch rate is  perfect (now nearly 90%).

3. Also we sell LIVE QUAILS. Young LAYING quails (just started laying)  for $8. Babies are cheaper of course. Ask a  price list...

All our quails are healthy and our farm is registered.

We can post quail eggs to any point of Australia and deliver live quails if a distance is reasonable. Also our farm is open for visitors 7 days from 7 to 7. We are in Jimboomba, Qld.

For price list or any more information please email eggs@quailkingdom.com.au or call 04 0219 5570, but better please email.

Also you will find some information on our website www.quailkingdom.com.au

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Queanbeyan | Quail Egg Cartons

Posted By: QueanbeyanQuails | 2/14/2015 8:01:38 PM | send message

Hi Everyone, We sell Quail Egg cartons. They are plastic, great quality and hold 12 eggs. They have space to hold a sticker or business card at the top and close easily using the four press-stud type clasps. We are located in Australia but can post world wide if needed. The cartons are $5 per 10 pack, plus postage. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to see pictures.


Posted By: kent1977 | 2/7/2015 2:57:55 PM | send message

Hello everyone i have Jumbo jap quail for sale and fertile jumbo jap quail eggs also

My Jumbo jap quails weigh at 450grm to 500grm or more 



Plus postage and handling all the eggs will be sent by express postage and handling then the eggs will get to you in few days. I will send fertile quail eggs anywhere in Australia I only send on Mondays then the eggs won't sit in the post office on the weekends. 
Keep in mind i have no control or guarantee the fertility over the way the package after it's dropped off at the post office.
I can not guarantee your hatch rate i'm getting 85% to 90% hatch rate
Thanks Kent

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Keilor Downs | Japanese / Coturnix Quail & Fertile Eggs For Sale Melbourne

Posted By: MichaelDania | 2/5/2015 1:55:42 PM | send message

The Japanese Quail, European Quail, Italian Quail, Manchurian Quail, Meat Quail, Gourmet Quail ALL NAMES refer to the same species ( Coturnix Japonica ). 

They are wonderfully easy birds to look after; they grow quickly and the females are ready to lay eggs in 6-8 weeks. 

They can be raised in small or big spaces so you don't need alot of room in your backyard. 

I am selling LIVE BIRDS and FERTILE EGGS. 

These are mostly ground birds (like chickens) but fly a little and can be kept in cages, hutches or coops. Some can fly over an average height fence if not monitored but I've never had that problem when I let them out to play. 

I only keep the best of my adults for breeding so you will have eggs from parents that matured quicker than the others and are large and mostly lay good sized eggs. 
I keep 1 male to 4 females and that gives me about a 85-90% fertile rate (I've had 95% many times). 

My quail are feed non medicated game bird starter with diatomaceous earth(FG) in the first 4 weeks then onto a high protein vegetarian bird mix also with diatomaceous earth(FG) so it's all natural (no chemicals) and makes for a happy and healthy, worm free bird. 

What is fed to your bird does affect the meat of the bird and the actual eggs and that is why I spend the extra time and money to buy natural chemical free food and use natural medicine and wormers. 

Eggs are $5 per dozen but: 
if you buy 4 dozen I will give 6 free eggs 
if you buy 8 dozen I will give 12 free eggs 
if you buy 12 dozen I will give 18 free eggs 
They all come in the quail egg cartons shown in the pictures. 

Delivery is: 
$15.50 for 1-4 Dozen (48 eggs max) 
$21.50 for 5-8 Dozen (96 eggs max) 
$29.00 for 9-12 Dozen (144 eggs max) 

Pick-up is FREE 

Care will be taken to pack the eggs to avoid breakage but I cannot guarantee how they will be handled by the post - Fertility usually drops by 60-50% when eggs are posted (in most cases you will still get a good hatch rate). 

1. Email or SMS me the quantity of eggs you are after. 
2. I will email/sms you with the availability date for your order. 
3. If you still want your order than we will exchange bank and mailing / pickup details. 
4. You can then either pay directly to my bank account for delivery or cash on pick up (3% surcharge if you want to pay using PayPal). 
5. I will only mail on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - all eggs not sold by Wednesday night either will be put in the incubator or eaten. 
6. You can pick up any day but you will need to let me know by 5pm Wednesday so I don't incubate them. 

For the amount spent on quality feed and maintenance the birds are already priced low but 
for BULK PURCHASES I will give a 5% discount for every 10 birds purchased up to a maximum of 20% (So you would need to buy a minimum of 40 birds to get the max 20% discount) 

Unsexed - EACH 
Dayold - $2.00 ($1.60 with 20% discount) 
1 week - $2.50 ($2.00 with 20% discount) 
2 week - $3.00 ($2.40 with 20% discount) 

Sexed Male - EACH 
3 week - $3.50 ($2.80 with 20% discount) 
4 week - $4.00 ($3.20 with 20% discount) 
5 week - $4.50 ($3.60 with 20% discount) 
6 week - $5.00 ($4.00 with 20% discount) 

Sexed Female - EACH 
3 week - $4.00 ($3.20 with 20% discount) 
4 week - $5.00 ($4.00 with 20% discount) 
5 week - $6.00 ($4.80 with 20% discount) 
6 week - $7.00 ($5.60 with 20% discount) 

1. Email or SMS me the quantity of live birds you are after; the AGE you want them and how many FEMALE and MALE you want. 
2. I will email/sms you with the availability date for your order and a final price (if any discounts are applicable. 
3. You can pay to my account before pick up but the money must hit my account before I will give the quails; otherwise its cash on pickup. 

Any questions please let me know. 

Warm Regards, 

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Macaw eggs and live Birds for sale

Posted By: chuck | 2/3/2015 8:21:33 AM | send message

This beautiful loving macaw is looking for a new home, with new owners who have the time to give him the love and care that he needs. He loves attention very much. Cage, Gym & his Perch included within the price.

western aust | quails eggs and pheasant eggs

Posted By: damon | 2/1/2015 6:32:02 PM | send message

Jumbo cortnix quails for sale.fertile $7 per Fox

  • Also Ring neck pheasant eggs $100 per doz please email me

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incubator for sale

Posted By: damon | 2/1/2015 6:18:05 PM | send message

Large incubator holds 3000 eggs $1500 brand new used once email please

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ST CLAIR | Fertile bob white eggs and chukar partridge eggs

Posted By: trmn8r2c | 2/1/2015 12:08:34 AM | send message

Bob white fertile eggs for sale , good fertility with a mix of three different bloodlines $25 per dozen Also available fertile chukar partridge eggs very good fertility , 80% plus $50 per dozen Call 0437 690 644 Pickup Sydney or postage from $11 Australia wide

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Japanese Quails for sale.

Posted By: Ron | 1/31/2015 12:04:03 PM | send message

Great prices!

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