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Quails and Quails eggs

Posted By: Tatiana | 6 June, 2019 | Comments |

I want give my experience with seller- Megan from Sydney sell Quail eggs and birds, add post it 23 May 2019, her [email protected] I have perches some quail eggs from this seller( i paid for eggs and for postage) after seller receive money, she ask me more money to pay for incubator, to post eggs in incubator(nonsense-post eggs inside incubator and post the lot by pos) after lots of emails she is try Push me for more money to send for her. I try it cancel my order and ask  my money back . After she is realize i not send for her money, she is stop respond for my request to send back my money and stop respond for my emails. So i not receive Quail egg from this person. On top of this , this person not Megan, she is Jewel Foster and live not in Sydney, she is live in Melbourne.She is Scam and Fraudsters. If some one have same experience like me , please , report this person. I wish my bad experience with this seller, to stop this seller scam people.
Regards Tatiana

King Quail auto turner

Posted By: 42adam | 3 April, 2019 | Comments | Hi all, Looking for an auto turn incubator suitable for King Quail. Any suggestions? Cheers Adam

Found quail

Posted By: bartlettc | 13 February, 2019 | Comments |
I found a quail chick living in the bush behind my house in December. I saw it a few times since. A few says ago I found it trapped in a drain with an injured wing. I have been caring for it and happy to keep it but will be away for a week soon and need someone to mind it. I've tried Wires, RSPCA and the local vets without success. I'm in the Blue Mountains.

Can I have quail in suburban Brisbane?

Posted By: Dan's_yard | 19 November, 2018 | Comments | Hey, I'm really new to quail And have thought about getting some birds for the back yard. I have been looking on my local council site (moreton bay) for information on how many birds I can keep, or if I can keep them at all. I haven't been able to find ANY legislation on quail in relation to stocking them in my area. Does anyone have any know if I can keep them? I've also thought about putting them in a chook tractor style to fertilize the yard, are they compatible with this style?

Breeders not sitting on eggs

Posted By: Brisbane_Birder | 6 January, 2019 | Comments |
I have 3 king Quail, 2 females and a male. One laid 2 eggs in a nest. She then abandoned the nest and laid 6 eggs in another nest. She then abandoned that nest and laid 2 eggs on another nest. She is not sitting on any of the nests. Should I incubate them, buy a new quail or leave the quail eggs?