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Young King Quails - FREE Male with females/50% off Males

Posted By: N Porter | message me | 4/19/2019 5:05:55 PM SALE: Male king quails 50% off when bought on their own or in a pair (the male and one female). FREE MALE when purchasing more than one females. If you would like quail eggs for eating and not breeding, you can easily prevent broodiness in females and have a male as well. To stop your females going broody or sitting on eggs which could result in more little quails hatching all you need to do is collect the eggs daily. A baby quail does not start to develop in the egg until the mother hen sits on them and provides warmth. The hen only does this once she gathers a clutch (small group) of eggs in a nest. I have 4 to 7 week old King Quail (Coturnix Chinensis sometimes called Chinese Painted Quail) for sale. Females $15 and Males (originally, see sale) $10 (Darth Vader/Red Breasted F $20/M (originally, see sale) $15). Females and males are available in a variety of colour mutations (Including: Silver, Light to Dark Cinnamon, Cinnamon Pearl, Golden Pearl, Cinnamon Splash, Darth Vader/Red Breasted and Normal/Wild type) Females are great egg layers from aproximately 6 to 8 weeks of age. Their little eggs are very nutritious and yummy 😋. They are wonderful snacks for children and adults. I do sell their eggs to eat if you don't have the facilities or time to keep your own quails. All my quails are fed organically grown greens free from chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. They are also fed a variety of high protein organic seed. I make and sell my own nutrient rich quail seed mix ($8 kg) and quail starter crumble ($6 kg). Quails are a game bird & require a higher protein varied diet. **quail seed/crumble currently not available - on backorder** I believe in raising my quails in the most natural way and only use holistic methods to maintain their health. I do not use any chemicals in raising or looking after my quails. No medicated food or antibiotics are used. I use natural and holistic treatments to help keep my quails healthy and happy. I have some notes on this in my general info sheet provided with any of my quails or eggs. If you are looking to breed my females will go clucky if put with a male. I have a 96.75% hatch rate. I breed and hatch all my quails naturally, they are not hatched in an incubator. You can have 1 male with 1 female (smaller area) or up to 5 females per male if you have a larger housing area. These quails are wonderful pets for kids. They are small ground dwelling birds about the size of a closed fist. Also, be aware that despite their small size they can fly short distances (usually directly up) when startled. They can live at the bottom of an aviary housing finches and canaries. My females and fertile eggs sell out quickly! I do not sell day old chicks as I don't separate chicks from the mother hen until at least 4-6 weeks of age when their genders can be identified. For anyone wishing to hatch their own eggs in an incubator, I also sell fertile King Quail eggs (currently unavailable) and can post Australia wide ($30 per dozen or $15 for 1/2 dozen). Eggs are collected from different groups of females housed with different males. Please note some of these eggs/hatchlings will be related and are marked accordingly so you can identify which can be bred. I have an excellent hatch rate from my sitting hens with clutches from 4 to 9 chicks. **fertile eggs not available at this stage currently sold out until further notice** A general information sheet to help keep your quail happy and healthy can be supplied even if you haven’t made a purchase. This includes info regarding diet, habitat, behaviour, breeding/hatching & troubleshooting. I am very open to trading my King Quail for the same sex/age to introduce knew bloodlines and help improve the genetic health of my quails. My Quail are not to be purchased for food. Pets only please. Thank you 🐥🐣🌾

Pair King Quails

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