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King Quail 4 to 7 weeks old/fertile eggs

Posted By: N Porter | message me | 10/18/2018 10:51:03 AM

4 to 7 week old King Quail (Coturnix Chinensis sometimes called Chinese Painted Quail) for sale, Females $15 and Males $10. Females and males available in a variety of colours (Including: Silver, Cinamon, Cinamon Pearl, Golden Pearl and Normal Red Breasted). Females are great egg layers from aproximately 6 to 8 weeks of age and will go clucky if put with a male to breed. I breed and hatch all my quails naturally, they are not hatched in an incubator. You can have 1 male with 1 female (smaller area) or up to 5 females if you have a larger housing area. They are wonderful pets for small spaces and kids. They are only small ground dwelling birds about the size of a closed fist. Also, be aware that despite their small size they can fly short distances (usually directly up) when startled. They can live at the bottom of an aviary housing finches and canaries. My females sell out quickly! 

I do not sell day old chicks as I don't separate chicks from the mother quail until at least 4-6 weeks of age.
For anyone wishing to hatch their own eggs in an incubator, I also sell fertile King Quail eggs. ($25 for 8 eggs). Eggs are collected from 6 different groups of females all housed with different males. At lowest I have an 87% hatch rate from my sitting hens with clutches from 5 to 9 chicks.
A general information sheet to help keep your quail happy and healthy can be supplied with any quails or eggs for first timers. This includes info regarding diet, habitat, breeding/hatching and troubleshooting.

My Quail are not to be purchased for food. Pets only please.
Thank you 🐣💕🐤

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